The new HELINA Education Working Group was launched at the 9th HELINA conference in Ghana, and confirmed as an official Working Group under the leadership of Professor Graham Wright at the meeting of the HELINA Board on Sunday 8 March, 2015.

The HELINA Education WG will foster the aims, objectives and policies of HELINA by providing a platform for the development of initiatives to support the membership of HELINA in relationship to Health Informatics Education, Training and Research.

The WG will operate through worksets, which will consist of members who have volunteered to give their time and expertise in specific planned activity on behalf of HELINA. As a way of interacting with the greater community, we have set up a group on Linkedin


Participant information

Download the participant information as pdf.

The attached pages provide helpful information to prepare you for your travel to Eldoret for the HELINA Conference.

Please read the information in this document carefully.

Should you have any questions or concerns about your participation, please contact Dr. Davies Kimanga (, Telephone +254-722-218-088)

We’ll see you soon in Eldoret!

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Conference Program


Download the conference programm as pdf.

Preconference meetings and workshops

Saturday 05 October 2013

09:00 – 14:00 Meeting/Workshop “standardization of health extraction indicators and interoperability of open-source/free health information systems used in African”

A use case to be discussed at this meeting is posted on the conference website. The main goal is the development and implementation of a common Health Indicator Reporting Protocol for a secondary use of DHIS/EMR/EPR/EHR: export data to national health data warehouse.

The use of SDMX-HD schema coming from WHO is suggested and following that schema, the EMR/EPR/DHIS/EHR create reports (HL7, JSON, REST, etc.) that they submit to the national health data warehouse. From this national data warehouse, SDMX-HD-compliant reports are submitted to WHO.   

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HELINA 2013 Conference Information

8th Health Informatics in Africa Conference 7th – 8th October 2013, Eldoret Kenya

“HELINA 2013: Evidence based Informatics for eHealth in Africa”
Venue: The Noble Conference Centre, Eldoret, Kenya

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Historical materials on health informatics in Africa are stored here.

HELINA-L was the initial web site and mailing list of the HELINA community in 1994-2003. It is archived here exactly as it was on 16 November 2003. External links and email addresses on the pages do not necessarily work anymore.


HELINA stands for Health Informatics in Africa. It is the pan African Health Informatics Association and the Africa Region of the International Medical Informatics Association (IMIA). HELINA is officially registered under the Malian law.


HELINA subscribes in full with the IMIA vision which is that there will be a world-wide systems approach for healthcare. 

Clinicians, researchers, patients and people in general will be supported by informatics tools, processes and behaviours that make it easy to do the right thing, in the right way, at the right time to improve healthcare for all. This systems approach will incorporate and integrate research, clinical care and public health.

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HELINA is a young region created in 1993 and has at present the objective:

to get African countries to develop their National Health Informatics Societies so that they can qualify to join the World of Health Informatics by becoming a member of IMIA. This step will make them automatic members of HELINA.

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HELINA arose out of the First International Working Conference on Health Informatics in Africa,

  • HELINA’93, held in Ile-Ife, Nigeria, in 19-23 April 1993, organized by OAU-NG and UEF-FI under the auspices of IMIA. In the closing session of HELINA’93, it was proposed that this successful conference should be periodically organised and along the lines of HELINA’93.

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