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Call for Bid to Host HELINA 2019

The Board of the Pan African Health Informatics Association invites Health Informatics Associations in Africa to bid for HELINA 2019. The conference is expected to be held in the second half of the year, between September and November 2019.

Goals of HELINA 2019 Conference

The Annual HELINA Conference aims to:

  • To provide a venue for the promotion, assimilation and dissemination of intellectual knowledge to the African and international health informatics community
  • Promote research and innovation in digital health and sharing of findings from such studies as new evidence for the most effective solutions to health challenges
  • Promote the development and implementation of an African digital health strategy as well as the development of digital health policies in each African country
  • Showcase best practices in Health Informatics and its application in Africa
  • Highlight the role of Health Informatics applications for development in Africa
  • Foster the creation of networks between African Countries as well as digital health initiatives in Africa
  • Foster the development of Health Informatics – including Nursing Informatics – research and education in Africa.
  • Provide a platform for African and International Health Informatics experts to network, exchange ideas and initiate projects to meet global health challenges

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